Tan Xuguang: Call China Heavy Truck Brand in the World

On December 18, the 2019 Business Conference of China Heavy Truck Group and the 2019 First Supplier Conference of China Heavy Truck Group were held in Jinan. Tan Xuguang, the Secretary and Chairman of the Party Committee of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, the Secretary and Chairman of the Party Committee of China Heavy Truck Group, made important speeches respectively.
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Tan Xuguang fully affirmed China Heavy Truck’s high-quality development in 2018. In 2018, China Heavy Truck Group’s vehicle sales will reach 345,000, up 14% year-on-year; the heavy truck plate will develop steadily, with 169,000 heavy trucks sold, up 7.7% year-on-year; and the light truck plate will take a new step, with 134,000 light trucks sold in 2018, up 24.5% year-on-year.

Regarding the production and marketing objectives and development vision for 2019 and the future, Tan Xuguang said that in 2019, China Heavy Truck will strive to achieve the production and marketing targets of 200,000 heavy trucks and 200,000 light trucks. By 2025, China Heavy Truck will achieve the production and marketing targets of 250,000 heavy trucks, 250,000 medium and light trucks and 200,000 light commercial vehicles, with an income of 300 billion yuan, and China Heavy Truck will become the world’s first-class in 2025-2030. Series Commercial Vehicle Group, to create a respected international strong enterprise.
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Tan Xuguang said that after decades of development, China Heavy Truck has the conditions to transform into a full range of commercial vehicles:

First, China Heavy Truck has a global reputation. In 2018, 36,300 heavy trucks were exported, accounting for half of China’s heavy truck exports, ranking first in the country for 14 consecutive years.

Second, in cooperation with German Mann Company for more than ten years, the imported TG series vehicle technology, MC11, MC13 high-end engine technology, has formed a high-end brand reputation in the Chinese market.

Third, the light truck plate has been exploited bravely for seven years and has entered the track of rapid development.
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Fourth, China Heavy Truck has worked hard in the market for 30 years, creating a well-functioned and rational distribution service network, a strong and quality marketing team, a care-free and globally distributed “family” service system, which strongly supports China Heavy Truck to rank first in the domestic industry.

Tan Xuguang pointed out that in order to complete the transformation to high quality, all state-owned enterprises must study their “disabilities” and “deficiencies” accurately. To achieve its strategic objectives, China Heavy Truck must reform and take three years to build China Heavy Truck into a new steel team and a teacher of Tiger Wolf.
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At the business conference, Cai Dong, general manager of China Heavy Truck Group, made a keynote speech, analyzed the current market situation of heavy truck industry, deployed the work objectives for 2019, and analyzed the products of various lines of China Heavy Truck.