China Heavy Truck Group formally signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement with China Port Control Corporation and Pakistani Gwadar Port Authority

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On August 13, 2017, witnessed by Vice Premier Wang Yang of the State Council and Acting Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahid Kakan Abbas, Chairman of China Heavy Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. and Secretary of the Party Committee Ma Chunji formally signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement with China Port Control Company and Pakistani Guadall Port Authority.

In recent years, China heavy duty truck has responded positively to the call of the state, followed the direction of the national policy, and actively carried out the structural reform of the supply side, and officially launched the “grand reconstruction project of China Heavy Duty Truck” in the near future. It clearly proposed that we should seize the favorable opportunity of “one belt and one road” to realize the overseas reconstruction of China heavy duty truck. From January to July this year, China Heavy Truck produced and sold 174,000 vehicles, an increase of 60.1% over the previous year, including 115,000 heavy trucks, an increase of 76% over the previous year, 56,000 medium and light trucks, an increase of 38.9% over the previous year, 28 percentage points higher than the average growth rate of the industry. Sales revenue reached 58.6 billion yuan, up 56% year-on-year. The total profits and profits and taxes increased by 223% and 128% respectively. It is one of the enterprises with the best quality and benefit in the industry. Moreover, China Heavy Truck continues to lead the industry in the international market. Sales in traditional regional markets have increased significantly, and emerging markets, especially in developed countries and regions, have begun to show signs of growth. From January to July, 188,000 vehicles were exported, an increase of 32.6% compared with the same period last year. Export orders for heavy trucks reached 286,000 vehicles, an increase of 51% compared with the same period last year, and a new breakthrough was achieved.

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The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement is the strategic deployment of China heavy duty group to implement the “one belt” and “China Brazil economic corridor” proposed by general secretary Xi Jinping, vigorously promote the layout of the Sino Pakistani 1+4 cooperation, give play to the strategic location advantage of Gwadar Port, promote the international development strategy of China heavy duty truck, carry out international capacity cooperation, fully develop the Pakistan market and radiation the Middle East. The powerful measures taken by other markets are also an important arrangement for China Heavy Truck to rebuild its overseas heavy truck strategy.